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Vitamin D and the Sun

The dangers of the sun and sunbeds aside, there is another, more positive reason to wear sunscreen these days and it has nothing to do with Vitamin D. It is to do with the effects the sun can have on your skin.

Whilst the sun is important to us humans (a sort of consolation for us pale types), it can be disastrous for the planet earth and it is the driving force behind the mass destruction of plant life on our planet. So there are much harder times to be had when we are saving the planet!

The effects of the sun on our skin can make life tough, with blemishes, wrinkles, burning and age spots appearing over time. It can also lead to more serious conditions, like skin cancer. It seems that it is losing its popularity with the younger generation who want to keep their youthful looks, but once they hit their 30s they become as eagerly sought after as ever.

It would appear then that the best way to keep away from the detrimental effects of the sun is to utilize a good sun block. This is because it is on these kinds of high street sun blocks that the harmful UVA and UVB rays are incredibly harmful.

These kinds of sun blocks basically have a film which emits from the back of the block, and at the front of the block is a much more absorbent gel. These are perfect for kids who spoil their skin too much, and who cannot be bothered with sunscreen. It also means that you can still enjoy the sun even if you are swimming in it!

On the other hand, if you are not into taking care of your skin, you will need to find the best Boysenberries and spend quite a lot of time in the sun. Boysenberries are incredibly high in antioxidants, and contain a host of vitamins which assist in skin health. Antioxidants are also great to help the body with important cellular processes, and to actually reverse the aging process of the skin.

Boysenberries contain one of the highest SPF ratings for sunscreen, which is 4. This is important to consumers who live in very sunny climates, given that most of them do. The film also forms a barrier for skin cancer and sunburns. Boysenberries are also rich in anti-oxidants, so this is a great element to use if you are trying to reduce your body’s expiriments.

How do you use Boysenberries as a sunscreen?

When you look to purchase a sun screen for your child you will actually find a number of Boysenberry sunscreen products, such as sun block for kids, which contain the fruit as a key ingredient. Boysenberry sunscreen is typically the best sun block for kids. The sun block is meant for kids, however, and it is important that you use it on your child’s face since it will protect the skin from the harmful effects in the sun.

The other type of sunscreen product, such as a fluid sunscreen, is usually meant for everyday use for children. Thesprays, lotions, and gels that can be found with a sun screen of this type usually provide most of the necessary protection for kids. You can purchase anything from the $10.99 a can to the hundreds of dollars.

You never really have to worry about the substances inside the sunscreen for children. Its mere function is to block UV light, and in the form of a sun block it should sufficient enough protection. It should be noted, however, that a sun screen filter of this type only provides protection from UVB rays. More UVA rays should be blocked by a stronger sun block, such as Titanium Dioxide, before the sunscreen can be considered complete.

The effectiveness of sunscreen is influenced by thecosmetics that you use and by the time that you use the sunscreen. If you have fair skin and live in a very sunny climate, you will be prone to faster damage from the sun’s rays. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, your skin can become extremely sensitive, which means you get more than the required amount of exposure. A good makeup, such as an SPF 15, is essential to wearing sunscreen and keeping up the required SPF level as well as keeping any potentially harmful substances from being absorbed into your bloodstream.